We want to make our clients the ambassadors of our brand:

it is through word of mouth that we can develop the most.

Colleting our clients’ feedbacks is the best way for us to check the value of our interventions and to motivate our consultants to excellence. This is why we have been realizing an annual customer satisfaction survey since June 2011. All the results are consolidated and published on our website hts-consulting.com.




« Our Executive Management Committee has been impressed by the quality of your due diligence. It has comforted us in our will to invest in new mobility businesses. »

A leading actor in the urban mobility industry, 2015


« Your missions make us progress. You are not like the other consultants: you know how to listen to us and to produce operational recommendations that are adapted to our reality. »

A major actor in the logistics sector, 2015


"I see consulting firms every day. When we don’t know you, we think you are like the others. You are worth discovering. Some of your approaches are visionary."

A leading player in the Telcos, 2015


“ Thanks to the HTS teams for their commitment along with us in this difficult project.”

A major player of the construction industry, 2014


“Thank you HTS: you have found the words and techniques to allow all of our employees to integrate an approach that hitherto they found very distant from their daily life.”

A major player of the construction industry, 2014


"The results of the emotional diagnosis realized by HTS are very interesting. Of all the studies we have at our disposal, it’s the first time a consulting firm has given us this vision of customer experience."

A leading player in the energy industry, 2014


"I want to thank the HTS Consulting team for the work they provided all along the project. Their input was decisive in understanding our market issues and in designing our marketing and trade strategy."

A leading player in the transportation industry, 2012


"We are fully satisfied of having trusted a firm that knows how to make an asset out of its youth in terms of dynamism, reactivity and open-mindedness."

A leading player in the manufacturing industry, 2011


"We would not be positioned on innovation as we are today had we not been supported by HTS Consulting."

A leading player in the construction, 2011



At the end of every missions, our client answer a satisfaction survey based on 3 themes:

  1. the overall assessment of the mission’s quality,
  2. the quality of deliverables,
  3. the quality of the relationship (the consultants’ behaviors, the integration into the company…).

The results of the survey are integrated into our barometer and some comments are selected, anonymized and published on our website by our webmaster.


debriefing meeting with the client is systematically scheduled with the president of HTS Consulting. Measures are taken to integrate the clients’ feedbacks into our operating modes (in particular, we integrate satisfaction criteria into the assessment grid of the consultants that contributed to the mission).


Our ambition is to provide a new kind of value concerning business consulting.

Responsible development should not be a marginal issue; it must be integrated within the companies’ DNA.


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