Responsible development should not be a marginal issue; it must be integrated within the companies’ DNA


This approach is based on 5 points

We integrate eco-responsibility in our intervention methods, whatever the mission: strategy, marketing and sustainable innovation, development of responsible behaviors, integration into operational modes, etc.

We favor dematerialization and sustainable use of paper: we adapt our communication formats to the lifespan of the deliverable.

We promote sustainable consumption: by reducing waste production at source, optimizing trips, resorting to videoconference and favoring soft mobility.

We develop responsible behaviors both within the firm and at our clients’ offices: selective sorting, reuse, responsible consumption of water and energy.

We contribute to the development of sustainable industries: 5% of our sales revenue is invested into eco-responsible initiatives.

HTS CONSULTING is member of the Global Compact: a world community of entrepreneurs attached to the Human Rights’ values, labor law, and environment.

You can consult our annual report on the Global Compact website.

2011: Protei initiative

HTS Consulting helped financing Protei, a drone ship aiming at cleaning up oceans during oil spills in order to reduce their environmental and sociological impact.


2012: reforestation in Russia

HTS Consulting contributed to the funding of the reforestation of the Russian forest with a donation to the action “Let’s Plant for the Planet” led by the Yves Rocher Foundation


2013: 7th continent expedition

HTS Consulting contributed to the funding of the 7th continent initiative that aims to analyse the tremendous amounts of waste that are emerging at the confluence points of ocean currents


Each year: sponsorship of bees

HTS Consulting is sponsoring more than 40,000 bees in order to contribute to the safeguard of those insects. Bees are essential to maintain life on Earth and HTS is committed to protecting them.



Our ambition is to provide a new kind of value concerning business consulting.

We want to make our clients the ambassadors of our brand: it is through word of mouth that we can develop the most;

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