We develop our firm by developing your skills


A “Google like” personal project : during your integration we will ask you to formalize your project. You will identify your priorities for the year to come: themes to document, networks to activate, studies to carry out, activities to develop, etc. During an interview with 3 partners, you will agree on the means to achieve your priorities, and you will validate your roadmap. This roadmap will be the subject of intermediate reviews (at least every quarter) and of an annual review which will be integrated in your final evaluation.

An interaction network :  at HTS Consulting, you will have the opportunity to confront your ideas and your experiences with your peers and with recognized experts. We regularly organize “open lunches” to interact with experts on trending topics and informal drinks meant to share feedbacks about ongoing assignments.

A career advance: at HTS you will have the opportunity to address issues that are related to innovation, marketing and sales performance, as well as new market trends in several sectors. Later on, you will be able to specialize in a specific issue or in a particular sector. If you wish to, you will have the opportunity to take part in the international development of our firm.

An “à la carte” training:  the multiplicity of talents and individual paths has convinced us that only individual training paths could help us to make you advance. In addition to offering you targeted training on your areas of improvement, you will also be encouraged to express training wishes as part of your project. Every year, we study the opportunity to send some consultants to one of the best rated international campuses.


Junior consultant

You’re new to the consulting world (less than 2 years of experience) and you can count your superiors to give you valuable advices and recommendations. You are staffed on strategic missions and in charge of the deliverables. Autonomous and responsible, you are regularly in contact with the client.

Senior consultant

You have gained experience (between 2 and 4 years) in strategy consulting. You interact with the middle/top management of companies and start to identify development opportunities for the firm. You are involved in the recruiting process of new consultants and write business proposals.


Your vast experience allow you to be in charge of small teams of consultants and manage them throughout the mission. You interact with the top management of companies You behave as a leader and help the firm to develop by bringing additional clients while building strong customer loyalty.


You manage different consultants teams on several missions at the same time and actively help close new deals. You take part in the major decisions of the company and you have a key role in the recruiting process of new consultants.


By joining HTS Consulting, you will enter a network that will support you during and after your stay at HTS Consulting.

The experience you will have gained within our teams will allow you to join executive or operational management teams of major international groups.


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