Innovation strategy, new business models, digital transformation, new working methods, circular economy….


3 fields of expertise serving your success


Exclusive methods to build growth strategies and design new business models. An approach combining open innovation, internal creativity and operational realities.


An innovative approach from strategic marketing to trade and relational performance. An expertise in multi-channel strategies, customer experience and loyalty.


A unique approach that goes beyond the traditional aspects of change management and socio-dynamics in organizations, in order to better attune the transformation project to individuals.


1. A highly selective and demanding recruiting process, so as to guarantee a high level of intervention

2. A stress on R&D investments in order to offer innovative methods

3. An ongoing watch on trends and evolutions that impact our customers

4. An expertise in datascience that allow us to integrate Big Data approaches

5. A specific positioning at the heart of the innovation ecosystem


HTS Consulting is part of the 25 best strategy consulting firms according to the VAULT tables and is ranked #6 for its innovation practice .

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We would not be positioned on innovation as we are today had we not been supported by HTS Consulting. The consultants perfectly understood our needs and supported us in a very efficient way

A construction leader

The results of the emotional diagnosis realized by HTS are very interesting. Of all the studies we have at our disposal, it’s the first time a consulting firm has given us this vision of customer experience.

An energy leader

We are fully satisfied of having trusted a firm that knows how to make an asset out of its youth in terms of dynamism, reactivity and open-mindedness. The added value of HTS was crucial to us.

An insurance leader

I want to thank the HTS Consulting team for the work they provided all along the project. Their input was decisive in understanding our market issues and in designing our marketing and trade strategy.

A transportation leader

HTS Consulting is part of the famous VAULT  ranking 2019 of the best European strategy consulting firms


Best innovation practice in Europe


Interactions with clients


Best strategy consulting firm in Europe


The digital challenges for businesses

In every industry, the traditional businesses of our companies are deeply impacted by digital technologies: they must adapt or disappear. The change to make is huge and urgent. Based on the various missions HTS has been leading, this white paper presents the keys to succeed in one’s digital transformation.

Succeeding in one’s Inclusive Innovation strategy

De nouveaux business models émergent et bousculent nos marchés traditionnels. La valeur se déplace vers l’intermédiation et la donnée. Pour les grands groupes, innover en interne ne suffit plus. Le recours  a des approches plus ouvertes est incontournable. Le succès se joue principalement dans la capacité à mettre en œuvre des logiques d’open innovation et à les articuler avec la culture des grands groupes. Nos missions actuelles intègrent de plus en plus des approches d’Inclusive Innovation.

Change by Design

The rise of digital technologies and new working methods (collaborative work, tele-working …) transforms the office into a place of socialization, source of welfare and performance. Managing spaces has become a lever for the companies’ digital transformation. Our techniques allow you to integrate this dimension that can no longer be ignored.

Taking advantage of Data

La donnée offre des richesses d’analyses jamais atteintes : compréhension plus fine des comportements clients ou collaborateurs, prédiction de comportements, aide à la décision… Nos Data-scientists et nos consultants inventent actuellement avec nos clients un nouveau type de conseil « data centric ».

Hosting a Digital Factory

Understanding customers and citizens’ expectations, generating a maximum of ideas around a creative challenge, converging towards the most promising concepts, prototyping, testing and enhancing products and services… Our approach of Design Thinking, based on more than 70 ideation techniques, allows us to help our customer innovate.



Début de mission : ASAP

Localisation : Paris, France

Description du poste :

Nous recherchons des stagiaires (césure/3e année) issus d’une formation Grande Ecole d’Ingénieurs (X, Mines, Ponts, Centrale, Supélec, Télécom) ou de Commerce (HEC, ESSEC, ESCP, emlyon, IEP Paris), ayant idéalement une première expérience dans l’univers du conseil.

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Début de mission : ASAP

Localisation : Paris, France

Description du poste :

Nous recherchons des consultants (entre 1 et 5 ans d’expérience) issus de grands cabinets de conseil ou ayant eu des expériences opérationnelles en stratégie et/ou marketing. Les candidats seront issus d’une formation Grande Ecole d’Ingénieurs (X, Mines, CentraleSupélec…) ou de Commerce (HEC, ESSEC, ESCP, emlyon).

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