From strategy to transformation: bringing an expertise at each and every step

to allow our clients to adapt to changing markets.


Our ambition: help you face these evolutions





HTS Consulting is a strategy consulting firm that mainly opera:tes with CAC 40 and SBF 120-listed companies. Our areas of expertise are:

Strategy and innovation

Customer performance

Transformation of organizations

Our will is to be part of the invention of tomorrow’s business world, at our scale but in a determined and professional way.

At HTS Consulting, we use the latest innovative methods and talents. Our consulting firm benefits from a multinational team selected for its level of excellence. Our network of experts allows us to guarantee our customers the highest level of expertise on our intervention topics.


Newlaw is an innovative law firm that helps companies wishing to transform themselves to put law and social relationships at the heart of their social strategy, thus making an opportunity out of it. Nathalie Anziani has worked for 14 years in companies such as Canal + and La Poste on several transformation projects (especially digital transformation) before creating her law firm, whose motto is “Precious Human Factor”.


  1. highly selective and demanding recruitment process, so as to guarantee a high level of intervention
  2. A stress put on R&D investments in order to offer innovative methods
  3. An ongoing watch on trends and evolutions that impact our customers
  4. An expertise in datascience that allow us to integrate Big Data approaches
  5. specific positioning at the heart of the innovation ecosystem
  6. The ability to buid new approaches based on academic research



A true cultivation of excellence and customer satisfaction

A very demanding quality assurance system.

The ability to assume our recommendations by implementing them, and to commit ourselves to the implementation of what we prescribe.

A scope of intervention that goes from prospective market analysis to change implementation

A simple and direct behavior, close to the client, « as if we belonged to the company ».

A highly selective recruitment process of consultants, senior executives, and specialists; an ability to manage a project from end to end, with an “interim management” approach if needed, a true commitment of the firm’s associates in the missions.

A profound conviction that consulting has a societal role to play as change catalyzer inside companies

A true ability to adapt to the client’s constraints without asking for supplementary budget at every contingency

An « open-to-the-world » attitude, looking for innovations and new ways of doing things

The commitment of every consultant in the firm’s R&D, in a « Google like » way, a presence in the professional networks that structure the current changes

The ability to fetch the expertise where it is, in order to guarantee the quality of our recommendations: not going beyond our competences

The implementation of a pool of external experts that can be mobilized depending on the projects, in order to guarantee the best recommendations

An « intervention ethics » that places the client’s interest before the short-term interest of our firm

5% of the annual result is dedicated to societal actions


We want to make our clients the ambassadors of our brand: it is through word of mouth that we can develop the most.

Responsible development should not be a marginal issue; it must be integrated within the companies’ DNA.


HTS Consulting 
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